Smith’s ‘Goodly Heritage’ Now Available

Dwight L. Smith’s long out of print Goodly Heritage: 150 Years of Craft Freemasonry in Indiana (1968) is now available once again in a brand new hardback and an E-book edition from Lulu Press. This facsimile edition was authorized by the Grand Lodge of Indiana and produced by the Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana.

Hardback edition , 594 pages: $36 (20% off of its $45 retail price)

E-Book edition: $1.99

Also available for 2018 and the Bicentennial is Christopher Hodapp’s new historical account, Heritage Endures: Perspectives on 200 Years of Indiana Freemasonry.

Available for $25 at the Grand Lodge office in Freemasons’ Hall, or click here for ordering options.