The Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana, Inc., is a special not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation operated by the Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Indiana.  Founded in 1987, and incorporated in 1989, the MLMI is the Grand Lodge’s official repository of Masonic artifacts and printed materials pertaining to the Masonic history of the Hoosier State.  It also contains items of Masonic interest from other Masonic jurisdictions around the world, as well as items of general fraternal interest from other fraternal organizations both Masonic and non-Masonic.

For many years, the Grand Lodge had been collecting books, other documents, and various and sundry Masonic artifacts, and the collection grew even larger during the 1960’s as the Grand Lodge gathered research materials in preparation for its Sesquicentennial Jubilee and the many programs planned for that year.  As time continued to march on, and still more books and artifacts were given into the care of the Grand Lodge, it was clear that something had to be done, and in 1987, the first Board of Directors was appointed to formally create the Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana.

The MLMI was originally intended to be domiciled in Indianapolis, at the Indianapolis Masonic Temple, but by 1989 it became clear that there simply was not enough room in the building to properly store and display the collection, and it was agreed that the MLMI would be moved to the DeMolay Building at the Indiana Masonic Home in Franklin, Indiana, that move being completed by 1990.

But when the decision was made nearly 20 years later to raze the old DeMolay building for expansion projects at the Home, in 2009 the MLMI was moved from Franklin back to Indianapolis, where it now occupies part of the the fifth floor of the Masonic Temple — which is now known as Indiana Freemasons’ Hall.  A significant investment has been made in renovation of the former social hall in which the Library and the display collection of the Museum now reside, and a partnership has grown between the MLMI and the Department of Museum Studies at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, with the latter providing a number of interns over the years who have had the rare opportunity to create and maintain a unique, small public museum space in downtown Indianapolis.  The MLMI, in turn, has been proud to provide nearly $30,000 in tuition and wages since 2011 for our valued student interns.  MLMI interns have moved on to positions with prestigious museums such as the Getty Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on the strength of credentials earned working with us.

The Corporation is operated by a Board of Directors, who are appointed for varying term lengths by the Grand Master of Masons in Indiana.  The Board elects its own officers, and reports each May on its activities and acquisitions to the Grand Lodge sitting in its Annual Communication.

The current officers are:

Michael D. Brumback, PGM, President
Roger S. VanGorden, PGM, Vice President
Christopher L. Hodapp, PM, Treasurer
Carson C. Smith, PM, Secretary

Current Members of the Board  are:

Richard J. Elman, PGM, Grand Secretary
Jeffery P. Zaring, PGM
William A. Reiners, PGM
Christopher W. Kimmel, PM
James R. Dillman, PM
Nathan C. Brindle, PM