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Our principal funding comes from a small fee added to the annual dues of the Freemasons of Indiana. However, the Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana, Inc., is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) corporation, and is eligible to receive tax-deductible donations in support of its programs and activities. Please consider making a monetary donation to help with our ongoing mission.

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Donations may be made online, via PayPal.  Direct payments from your PayPal account are accepted, as well as credit card and debit card payments.  You may make a one-time donation, or schedule a monthly donation which can be discontinued at any time.


Donations may also be made by check and sent to:

The Masonic Library & Museum of Indiana
P.O. Box 44210
Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210

Please make checks payable to The Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana Inc. 

Thank you for your gracious and generous contributions toward our efforts to preserve Masonic history.

We want your Masonic-related books and items for the Library & Museum!

Some of the most common messages we receive come from the widows, children, grandchildren or other relatives of men who belonged to a Masonic lodge but have recently passed away. Enthusiastic Masons are often enthusiastic collectors of Masonic-related items, but families generally have no idea what was purely sentimental to their late relative, versus what may be truly rare or unusual. They may find a closet with an apron, a signed Masonic Bible, a Shriners’ fez or a Scottish Rite hat, a pile of Grand Master pins, perhaps even a Templar sword. Because these objects were kept for a long time by a Mason, families don’t feel right about throwing them in the trash, but they don’t want to keep them for themselves, either.

Please contact us!

We are the official repository for Masonic items and literature related to Freemasonry in the state of Indiana, especially for members of constituent lodges under the authority of the Grand Lodge F&AM of Indiana. If you donate books or items to the Library & Museum, we will see that they are properly cared for. However, if, in our opinion, items are not of sufficient historical or intrinsic worth for our collection, we will see to it that they are distributed or disposed of with proper dignity.

Please be aware: we do not appraise Masonic items you wish to sell. This is more appropriately done by reputable antique dealers and estate appraisers. Further, we do not, as a rule, purchase Masonic artifacts for the Museum.