MLMI Board Member Christopher W. Kimmel, P.M., RIP

WB Chris Kimmel of Vincennes died about 2 p.m. EST Saturday of a septic infection.

Chris was Past Grand Director General of the Yeomen of York, a Past Master of Vincennes Lodge No. 1 and of Oaktown Lodge before it merged into Vincennes Lodge, and of the Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research UD. He received the Order of Service to Masonry from the Grand Lodge of Indiana, primarily for his masterful work chairing the of planning the 2009 bicentennial celebration of the chartering of Vincennes Lodge No. 1. Kimmel was active in the Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana, and was a frequent contributor to the Indiana Freemason. He also chaired the Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committee. A member of Vincennes York Rite bodies, Kimmel was a Knight of the York Cross of Honor, was a past governor of Banks of the Wabash York Rite College in Terre Haute and held the Order of the Purple Cross, he was a Past Great Chief of Indiana Council No. 15, Knight Masons of the USA, and was a member of St. Cyril Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine, in Evansville, and a Past Director General of Terre Haute Preceptory No. 6, Yeomen of York. He was also an Eagle Scout, was a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s national honor society, and had completed the Wood Badge, Boy Scouting’s paramount adult leadership course.

Kimmel was also a past Sovereign Master of Edward C. Echison Council No. 326 Allied Masonic Degrees and had acted for years as its Director of Work. It was he who changed the council’s annual degree day from the straight portrayal of one of AMD’s antique degrees to an ongoing analysis of the degree and of the Masonic world and the world in general in which the degree was written.

Prior to his being raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason, Kimmel held two state vice presidencies in Indiana Jaycees, and for one received Indiana Jaycees’ highest award for effectiveness in office.

Champion duplicate bridge players, Kimmel and his wife, Toni, both achieved the rank of Life Master in duplicate bridge.

Academically, he studied at Vincennes University and Ball State University, being very close to receiving a master’s degree from the latter institution.

Chris was 52 years old.

No arrangements are available yet.

Edward L. Sebring PM
Vincennes Lodge No. 1